What Are The Most Popular Female Sex Toys In The UK For Women?

Women are more than well catered for in the Adult Sex Toy category so let’s uncover which female sex toys are selling the most in the UK.

Sex Toys For Women

In our most popular series of helpful articles, we already uncovered the most popular sex toys in the UK for men, and the most popular sex toys in the UK, so here we wanted to pull our expert team and data together to explore the most desired pleasure toys in the UK for the girls.

When it comes to adult pleasures, one big question many women have is pretty simple.

What is the best sex toy for Women?

So one of the most helpful ways we can guide our readers on this topic is to break down the different sex toy options for women so you can learn more about the choices you have for various pleasures, stimulation and exploration options to try out in the comfort of your own bedroom.

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This post will help you gain a better understanding of what is out there for women in the ever-expanding sexual pleasure and toy market.

A huge well done to Lelo by the way for being on here twice!

Best Rabbit Vibrator

Lelo Soraya 2 Dual Rabbit Vibrator Deep Rose

Lelo Soraya 2 Dual Rabbit Vibrator Deep Rose

Rabbit Vibrators have been a popular sex toy for women for many years and this particular product is simply the very best choice for those who want a modern, premium rabbit vibrator.

The Lelo Soraya 2 (all available in Black) is the pinnacle of bunny vibrators, with a beautiful feel and ergonomic shape suitable for all hand sizes, this rabbit vibe comes with many unique premium features worth the extra investment.

This is the world’s most popular rabbit massager with a dual-action stimulation setting for both clit and Grafenberg spot climaxes.

It boasts 12 settings with a dual-action massager giving exquisite pleasure, being made of high-quality silicone and waterproof, this could be a ladies very best friend.

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Best Remote Control Vibrator

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Clitoral Vibrator

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Clitoral Vibrator

The world of remote control vibrators is booming with many choices for getting creative with your partner.
This unique offering from OhMiBod is unique in that it is perfect for those adventurous couples who want to take their fun time in public or enhance it with music.
What this toy will allow you to do is remotely control the settings from 5/6 meters away so you can enjoy someone controlling your moods as you dance and possibly not even see the person who is in charge!
How much fun is that!?

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Best Sex Toy for Clitoral Stimulation

Je Joue MiMi Clitoral Vibrator

Je Joue MiMi Clitoral Vibrator

When it comes to clitoral stimulation it’s always nice to own a pleasure toy that is both discrete and nice to feel and look at. So what better clitoral toy to invest in than the Je Joue MiMi Clitoral Vibrator.

The Je Joue MiMi is a rechargeable clit stim with 5 levels of power and vibrations ranging from a subtle massage right up to a seriously intense leg-shaking vibe.

Being 100% waterproof this toy is a perfect play toy for those who love life a little bit wet and wild!

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Best Sex Toy for Nipple Stimulation

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Clitoral Vibrator

Nipplettes Vibrating Pink Nipple Clamps Adjustable

Nipple clamps are one of those toys that are often missed out from the collection of many of our customers until they try them that is!

The Nipplettes Vibrating Pink Nipple Clamps are adjustable and have an amazing and powerful twist-action that offers a combination of intense vibrations with high-quality materials that ensure the safety of your beloved buds, while still helping you achieve a quality outcome that can help to enhance any kind of naughty mood.

They are 2.5 inches in length made with ABS plastic and a Rubber Cote material, fully adjustable

The nipple clamps are ideal for both female and male and being waterproof offer a good degree of creative flexibility.

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Best Sex Toy for Female Orgasm

Lelo Sona Cruise 2 Clitoral Vibrator

Lelo Sona Cruise 2 Clitoral Vibrator

The Lelo SONA 2 is another fantastic product from one of the leading brands in the adult toy sphere. This is one of the most amazing yet gentle sonic waves that really pulse through the body providing intense pleasure for users.

  • 12 Powerful Resonating Settings
  • Automatic Cruise Control
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Fully Waterproof and Easy to Clean

With a cool design and ultra-premium feel made from super-soft silicone, the Lelo SONA 2 is both ways to use and maintain. And as it is used more as a massager than direct clit stim products, it really helps you achieve organs without any discomfort that may arise from touching that most sensitive part.

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Best Electro-Stimulation Sex Toys

ElectraStim AXIS Electro Stimulator

ElectraStim Axis Electro Stimulator

Now if you are not that familiar with E-Stim Devices, then listen on. These not so new sex toys are built to work on your neural pathways in ways that are a little bit unique to other toys.

This unique E-Stim device is a world first.

The device is a really high-spec electro stimulator, with a unique multiple sensor e-stim experiences.

The ElectraStim AXIS has buttons that feel great to the touch and allow you to control the device with various options.

  • Your hand gestures
  • A flick of the wrist
  • The sound of your voice
  • Or even the proximity to your partner
  • Play music to control the device
  • Tilt along the horizontal axis for another choice of control

Quality Technology

The ElectraStim AXIS is at its heart a technological beast.

The quality of AXIS means that you can get up to 8 hours of play from a single charge and the quality Lithium-Ion battery will provide the same levels of intensity if only 5% of the battery is left or 99%.

The AXIS device is premium in every way and certainly worth you checking out the amazing E-Stim today to learn more.

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Best Sex Toy for Quality Build and Stylish Design

Lelo Soraya Wave Midnight Blue Dual Rechargeable Vibrator

Lelo Soraya Wave Midnight Blue Dual Rechargeable Vibrator

This amazingly good looking vibrator, again from the Swedish toy producer, Lelo, is one of the top choices for women who like to play in style.

The Lelo Soraya vibrator is a dual-action massager producing multiple sensations and stimulations to your erogenous zones producing mind-blowing climaxes.

At 8.75 inches the toy is far from lacking in both length and girth and is made from quality ABS and silicone.

Using a simple 3 button interface you are in full control of your clitoral, g-spot stimulations with 8 vibration settings and a waterproof build, this really is a class act toy for the discerning lady.

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Best Sex Toy For Vibrations All Over The Body

Vive Enora Double Ended Rechargeable Wand

Vive Enora Double Ended Rechargeable Wand

Why we love the Vive Enora Double Ended Rechargeable Wand:

The Enora is a fantastic wand-type sex toy offering a pulse-wave, double-ended vibe, and a 10 function wand head for huge pleasure potential.

With a USB magnetic and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it’s a simple way of plugging in and charging and a full charge will give you 70 minute of pleasure. One unique e feature is the climax setting.

Put simply when you are close to climax, pressing this button puts all the wand motors on to full power and helps you get an amazingly powerful orgasm.

With two motors, the system allows for over 100 settings, and it’s made with 100% medical-grade, silky smooth silicone, 100% waterproof to IPX7 and very quiet and under 60db, which means you can use it discreetly wherever you choose!

The Karma Sutra has (re)-taught many of us mortal beings about the importance of some self-love, and not surprisingly, the positive effect of this is not all about penetrative actions. So we felt it a great idea to help you learn a bit more about the simile pleasures a toy can bring and help you find a vibe that was perfect for some all over positive vibes of the more touchy-feely type.

The wand massager sex toy range is of course also worth checking out.

So now you have a fantastic round-up of what Kinky and Proud believe to be some of the very best sex toys on the market for women.

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