Sex Swings are perhaps the ultimate couples treat, in this guide we explain some fun areas you can try once you invest in this long-term bedroom/any room best friend, trust us when we say that you will never regret this worthy investment in shared pleasure!

What is a Sex Swing and how does it work?

A sex swing is a fantastic adult toy (possibly a true must in the bedroom we feel) that can be used to seriously bring about pleasure and fun in the bedroom.

If you like the feeling of being suspended and pleased then a sex swing is for sure a great investment in your sex life.

And of course as not all of us are built with arms like Jason Momoa a sex swing can bring about some relief on the shoulders for those people who fancy a little bit of aerial fun or suspended animation!

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What type of sex swings/slings are there?

The main options you have for sex swings are: We personally love the Pipe dream Sex Swing!

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Stand Supported Sex Swings

The daddy of all sex swings, a sex swing stand type of supported structure allows your sex swing attachments to be attached within the frame and offers so much flexibility for you to swing and make use of all that space as well as the structure itself if you were to enjoy some bondage and tying up type play.

Portable Sex Swings

The portable type of sex swings are usually cheaper and typically use a door frame to hang over in a similar way to a TRX style fitness system, while they are truly fantastic they do not offer the same freedom of movement as a free standing support structure for your sex swing but of course they are way more discrete and easy to pack and still a whole load of fun.

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How much is a sex swing?

If you want the full experience we recommend buying a stand that you can attach the sex swing straps to and allows you to hang freely, you will need a spare room or space for the stand but we promise you the fin you will have is well worth it and they are typically not hard to take down as needed!

How to use aSex Swing: Top Positions

There are many ways in which you can use a sex swing, here are some of the most common and fun ways to add some ‘lift’ to your bedroom antics!

Doggy Style Sex Swing Position

Doggy Style Sex Swing Position

How to use your sex swing: Have the person that is to enjoy the swing lay down. Now use one strap to support the upper body and another strap to support the mid-rift, and if you have stirrups get those legs in there to give you an even more balanced level and support.

Why it’s fun:The classic doggy style s the most enjoyed position globally for sexual pleasure and with a sex swing you have the added benefits of being able to have another feeling other than being on a bed, floor or other surface!


Sex Swing Queening Position

How to use your sex swing: For those who love oral sex (giving and receiving), queening may well already be in your kinky repertoire. Quite simply with a sex swing you will use the swing to sit in and utilising all support options sit there comfortable while your partner gets to work underneath you.

Why it’s fun: Feel like a true queen with more than just the oral support of your partner, feel utterly enveloped and free to do what you need to get those orgasms that only this type of play can give!

Yay Ha Cowgirl!

Cow Girl Sex Swing Position

How to use your sex swing: So you want to be in control of your partner, well this position lends itself very well to that desire, simply get the person to be rode setup nicely in the sex swing and grab hold of those straps and ride away till your bucking frenzy is complete!

Why it’s fun: This method is less about in and out pleasure and more about the ride, built for comfort not speed, you can get really intimate with good face contact in this fantastic sex swing position.

Booty Loving

Booty Loving Sex Swing Position

How to use your sex swing: This one is a little harder to achieve but well worth it for anal lovers. The sub/bottom use the strap on their thighs to hold them in place and holds on to the straps and use the stirrups for support, this allows great support for the bottom and a nice position for entrance for those in charge.

Why it’s fun: A really nice position to try for those who love butt fun and also those who like a variation on the classic doggy style access.

69 Sex Swing Style

69 Sex Swing Position

How to use your sex swing: Get your partner to lie in the sex swing and lower it enough so you can stand above them and enjoy your oral pleasures in a brand new way.

Why it’s fun:: For lovers of the classic 69, this new way of feasting can bring about some seriously naughty pleasures due to the new way of hanging on in for the team!

Laid Back

Laid Back Sex Swing Position

How to use your sex swing: For those who like to lay back and get their legs up, this one could be your position to try first. Simple get your bottom in place and lay back on the other stirrup and put your legs over your partner who is standing and let them take control.

Why it’s fun: Everyone gets some pleasure with this sex swing option, the rocking movement as a partner is stood up allows easy access to your desired areas and the person in the swing gets to be controlled as needed as they relax and enjoy the pleasures.

V for Victory

V for Victory Sex Swing Position

How to use your sex swing: Similar to the Laid Back sex swing position, this move places the bottom persons legs on the partners chest so they open their legs in more of a V for a little control put back into the other persons world!

Why it’s fun: For the demanding partner who wants to have a little more say in the pace of pleasure this position works well and gives another type of view and feeling for the person in charge.

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