Buy Quality Bullet Vibrators

β€˜Bullet’ vibrators are a unique category in the realm of adult toys. Typically smaller in size than most sex toys, they are very discreet making them an ideal travel companion. The potential to be used in or out of the bedroom makes these a popular option for new and long-time sex toy shoppers alike. The one thing worth noting with bullets is that the bigger options tend to look like electric toothbrushes β€” not ideal if you aren’t amenable to the idea of neighbours spotting your sex toy on your bedside table. That being said, these tiny wonders can be used for a variety of body parts, check out the bullet vibe guide for more information.

What exactly is a Bullet Vibrator?
You might find this a bit surprising, but a bullet vibrator it is a toy that comes in many different shapes and sizes. From something as small as a finger or single egg to larger models with attachments and vibrations for a full body massage. One thing that all of the models have in common is that they are made to provide powerful vibrations directly on the clitoris.

Toys are meant to be a fun and relaxing extension of our personal and private lives.

What types of bullet toys are out there for sale?
Thanks to an increased awareness in society and the rise of online resellers, we have access to adult toys every which way we turn. That being said, the market being flooded with a large variety of toys is a double-edged sword. While there are no longer any excuses to not be able to find the toy you are looking for, there is also a very large number of dangerous products pretending to be legitimate toys due to the open market of resellers online. One of the most prolific types of toys on the market today is small finger-sized vibes. Vibes vary greatly in quality and these small bullet vibes are just one of the many.

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